Book critically acclaimed filmmaker Glenn Berggoetz to speak to your film group or at your film festival.

"The movie business would be unbearably drab without Berggoetz." - Paste​ magazine film critic Jim Vorel

About Glenn

"The man (Berggoetz) is a genius." - Paste magazine

     Glenn Berggoetz is an award-winning, critically-acclaimed filmmaker who has written and directed eleven feature films.  Glenn's films range from comedy to horror to drama, and he has worked with such Hollywood legends as Kane Hodder (of Friday the 13th fame) and Joe Bob Briggs (of Monstervision and Casino fame).

     Glenn, who teaches cinema and horror classes at Indiana Tech when not making films, has spoken at film festivals and to film groups all over the United States.  Known for his humor and particular insights into making ultra-low-budget films, Glenn has become the go-to guy in the small-budget filmmaking world, which led to the Hal Leonard Company publishing his book The Independent Filmmaker's Guide: Make Your Feature Film for $2,000.

     Glenn's films TherapissedThe Ghosts of Johnson Woods, and Auto Shop of Horrors are available for streaming on Amazon.  His films The Worst Movie EVER! and Midget Zombie Takeover​ are out on DVD and can be purchased from Target, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, and Walmart.

Films & Filmmaking Book

The Independent Filmmaker's Guide: Make Your Feature Film for $2,000 - click  HERE  to
          purchase Glenn's book on the inside workings of making a small-budget film.

Poetry Slammed (2018) - comedy
Paralyzed with Fear (2018) - horror film starring Kane Hodder
LoveSexHate (2017) - drama
The Ghosts of Johnson Woods (2016) - dark comedy/thriller starring Joe Bob Briggs
Auto Shop of Horrors (2016) - horror/comedy
Midget Zombie Takeover (2013) - horror/comedy
The Worst Movie EVER! (2011) - sci-fi/action/drama/horror/comedy/musical
Separate Checks (2011) - comedy
To Die is Hard (2010) - action/comedy
Evil Intent (2010) - thriller
Therapissed (2010) - comedy

Actress Haidyn Harvey
Actress Kasha Fauscett
"Glenn is not afraid to go out of the box, and that makes his movies unique and entertaining.  Glenn is extremely talented."
"Glenn is so much fun to work with.  He is talented, diligent, and fun all at the same time.  The set is professional and fun, and we all respect him so much.  It has been an honor to work with Glenn."

Some of the places where Glenn has spoken

Horrorfest Denver (Star Fest)
Las Vegas International Film Festival
University of Oregon Film Club
Boulder (CO) Filmmaking Incubator
Cheyenne Zombie Fest
CU Business & Film Club
Van Wert International Film Festival
Horror Film Fest - Cheyenne
Northwest Ohio Independent Film Festival
Huntington University
Colorado Horror Con
Arapahoe Community College
​Hobnobben Film Festival
What critics say about Glenn's films
The Ghosts of Johnson Woods
      "Brilliant... fascinating" - Gruesome Hertzogg Horror Movie Review
      "Really entertaining and not to be missed." - re(Search) my Trash Film Reviews
Auto Shop of Horrors
      "A classic independent horror film." - Tim Gross, Gross Movie Reviews
      "A thoroughly entertaining work." - critic Steve Pulaski
The Worst Movie EVER!
      "We could have a cult hit on our hands." - Matt Singer, IFC
      "This film is hilarious." -
Evil Intent
      "The twists and turns keep this one locked into the memory." - Rogue Cinema
      "The best of the crop of the current indie horror films." - Gary Priest, Tribune Media
Midget Zombie Takeover
      "...really hilarious..." and "...highly recommended." - Creep Show Radio
      "It's hilariously entertaining." - Zombie Media Database (ZMDB)
To Die is Hard
      "The film takes a Will Ferrell-esque approach to badassitude." - Westword
      "Completely gut splitting." - critic Terra King